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Power Quality Inc. is dedicated to providing quality products and experienced installation and service personnel on every job. Let us give you a quotation for upgrading your facility. Power Quality is an Electrical Contractor that specializes in Induction and LED lighting, saving energy costs for its customers. In addition, as a general electrical contractor, Power Quality can fulfill all your electrical requirements.

New Construction

Congratulation on your new investment. Nothing is more important than the comfort and safety of your business for your personnel and clients. At PQ-INC, we share the same concern.


We can package several tiers of service for you to choose from which are both Cost Effective and Energy Efficient for your new location. Delivering product quality and safety, we place our clients' needs as our top priority.


Wear and tear is a large concern for your premises, both indoor and outdoor. With our Remodeling Package, you can put that concern to rest.

Our experienced and professional consultant will assess your needs to remodel your structure's lighting, wiring and electrical circuits, and give you an affordable quote without compromising on service or product quality.

Technical Design &

Power Quality, Inc.’s primary ‘niche’ area of focus is designing and contracting for electrical upgrading and retrofitting of interior and exterior existing incandescent and fluorescent lighting fixtures to Energy Efficient Induction Lighting or LED Lighting.

Consultation &
Technical Support

Power Quality, Inc. was started in 2008.  We have provided services and products in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.  We have contracted and completed installations as large as installing 4,000 fixtures in five hospitals of a major Health System, and have completed contracts to renovate fixtures at certain facilities of the United States Navy.  Power Quality looks forward to consulting with you and to building a lasting relationship with your institution for providing Energy Efficient Lighting. 


Power Quality, Inc., as an electrical contractor, specializes in servicing and maintaining all electrical and cabling design, installation, and maintenance for commercial, institutional, and residential buildings that it has upgraded and retrofitted to more Energy Efficient Induction and/or LED Lighting.



Power Quality has personnel with expertise and financial background that can discuss financial alternatives for acquiring your Energy Efficient Lighting requirements.

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